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Name: David Chokachi
Born: January 16, 1968
Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Main Profession: Actor
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David Chokachi Biography

David Chokachi joined the cast of the hit series 'Baywatch' at the start of the 1995 season as Cody Madison, a Pepperdine University swimmer and Olympic hopeful, who worked as a lifeguard. He was with the show until 1999. David was a political science major at Bates College, in Lewistone Maine, where he graduated in 1990. He worked as an aide to Massachusetts representative Gerry Studds for a year before moving back to Boston to take acting lessons and model. He modeled for the Ford Agency under the name David 'Chokes' (a Bates nickname he shared with his brother, Robert '92) and doing ads for Reebok and L.L. Bean. After that he moved to Los Angeles, where he did numerous TV commercials before landing the role on 'Baywatch'. He also has appeared in bit roles in the feature films 'Blown Away' and 'With Honors'. David was athletic and excelled at water sports and earned varsity letters in football, lacrosse and wrestling. Knowing the importance of fitness, he realized that if you weren't in good shape, you'd get hurt. You can watch David as the 'cop, undercover FBI agent' on TNT's series Witchblade

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